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About Me

not bad for a stock image.

My Background

Ever since I can remember, drawing was my superpower.  My love of drawing has taken me on adventures doing caricatures, portraits, illustration, animation.  Now I teach.  More adventures.

Stock image - again, not bad

My Medium

I grew up before pocket calcuators were a thing, so pencil, paper, ink, paints - and then came computers with graphic capabilities. I used to say I liked to be on the cutting and bleeding edge of visual art and design technology.  But then AR and VR hit the scene.  To be continued!

I took this photo from the lanai of an old friend's apartment at the foot of Diamond Head, Honolulu.

My Inspiration

Everything.  People.  Nature.  Other people's art.  Life.  

more information

new website template - work in progress

Okay, so the company that manages my domain changed their website builder, which means I need to set up my website again from scratch.  A fresh start!  I'm still figuring out the templates.  Examples of my work will be posted soon.  The image on the left is the stock image provided, but I kind of like it!


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